A word from our president

pier-paul gosselin vego

A word from our president

4 January 2016

Dear guests,

It is we great honor that we welcome you to VÉGO’s new website, built in our image to answer your requests more accurately but just as warmly.

A simple and humble electricity company at first, VÉGO is now proud to provide a competitive amount of services, no matter the nature of the project. Over the years, we were trusted over contracts that can now be observed in the entire Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and in the North, established evidence of our versatility and experience. If our ambition and constantly growing desire to perfect our services still makes an impression, we always made sure, here at VÉGO, that our progress would not affect the core values of our founders.

VÉGO is more than half a century of involvement in the region. It is also a legacy passed from father to son, from which it got its name and its concern of keeping family values. At the true center of VÉGO, however, lies you, our dear guests and customers: our priority, now and again, will always be to serve you with our highest personal effort, since after all, our success is your accomplishment.

We wish that you might find in this website the hospitality as well as the professionalism that contributed to our reputation.


Pierre-Paul Gosselin

CEO and co-owner