• 1945
    On October 3rd 1945, after the Second World War, Mr. Roland Veillet and Mr. Paul Gosselin became associates and founded the electrical company “Veillet & Gosselin”.
  • Mr. Veillet, rich in knowledge of the Val d'Or region, took charge of the administration, while Mr. Gosselin, until then an officer in the Marine Corps as chief electrician, contributed his experience to the technical department.
  • Veillet & Gosselin
    Veillet & Gosselin grew rapidly and, in the years to follow, additional services were offered. Active all over the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, the company obtained important contracts for the construction of commercial, public and industrial buildings (hospitals, schools, sawmills, etc.)
  • 1977
    Looking over a successful career filled with both professional accomplishments and social involvements, the two founders decided, in 1977, to pass on the torch to the next generation.
  • 1978Les Entreprises VÉGO Ltd
    On January 3rd 1978, “Les Entreprises VÉGO Ltd” started its commercial activities. Four of Roland and Paul’s sons bought their father’s assets and renamed the company with a contraction of their surnames (Veillet & Gosselin).
  • As the years passed, VÉGO focused on enlarging its field of activities, successfully adding ventilation, plumbing and natural gas to its specialties. The integration of those key features strengthened the company with the ability of offering their customers complete services like turnkey projects.
  • Territory
    The company also enlarged its territory, developing Nordic expertise. In addition to being well established in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, VÉGO carried out projects in Nunavik, James Bay and Ungava Bay territories, achieving many important turnkey projects in Ontario and Québec as well as different native communities.
  • 2006
    After 28 years of effective partnership with Pierre-Paul Gosselin, Laurier Veillet, co-owner of VÉGO, decides to sell his assets to two of the company’s engineers, Anie Lamoureux and Stéphane Riopel. The transaction, made July 1st, 2006, conducted Veillet to his official retirement in 2012. Active member of the company, Laurier Veillet strongly contributed to VÉGO’s expansion and to the Abitibi-Témiscamingue community in general by his social involvement.
  • Third generation
    It is September 1st, 2015, that the third Gosselin generation arrives in the company. Pierre-Luc Gosselin’s acquisition of Stéphane Riopel’s assets grants him a seat in the board of directors, where he now occupies the key position of secretary.
  • 2015
    Now surrounded by a strong team of experienced engineers and technicians, the actual owners of VÉGO, Pierre-Paul Gosselin, Anie Lamoureux and Stéphane Riopel, are always pleased to respond to service requests that call upon their competence and expertise in the construction field.