Our technicians and electricians will take care of any common electric issue: defective power socket, panel or water heater replacement, etc. We set up alarm systems, fire alarms and telephony systems; arrange exterior lighting, electrical distribution, wiring, interior lighting and sockets; replace electrical input. New construction projects or upgrades will be attended to with professionalism.

Areas of operation

Residential and institutional

- Heated floors
- Towel warmer
- Convector (Convecair)
- Radiant heating (infrared – solar energy)
- Forced-air heating system
- Electric baseboard
- LED lighting technology
- Link, USB or mixed (link + USB) power socket
- Rheostat
- Electrical panel
- Breaker panel replacement


- Maintenance services
- Engines verification and replacement
- Rainwater drainage heating cables
- Electrical panel


- Electrical distribution
- Cable feedthrough and cable tray
- Electrical connection of equipments