To insure that a right answer is catered to your various demands, we provide an entire team of qualified technicians in each of our business areas. The various electricians, plumbers, tinsmiths and refrigeration engineers of our team master the different skills required to a professional, fast and efficient service.


Our skillful estimators are always enthusiastic to help you solve the problems met during facility management and production, as well as prepare estimates from your sketches or from plans and evaluations provided by other professionals.


Common works

We can handle the usual mechanical and electrical works related to construction, renovation or space reconfiguration projects.


Our preventive maintenance programs will prolong the life of your equipments: HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), generator, etc. An annual follow-up schedule settled with our technicians will secure a number of services previously established with you, such as system verification or filter and belt replacement.


Labor rental

Regularly rented to operate maintenance work during plant down time, our labor is also available to complete any other type of work that could benefit from our expertise.

Customized design

In order to respond to your unique demands and expectations, our technicians and engineers will plan and conceive the different mechanical, electrical and control systems you should need.

Turnkey option

While pursuing a close collaboration to the owner and the different professionals of your team, we will prepare the diverse mechanical and electrical works related to your project, from conception to start of construction.